SAF0001 for the Safari fuel tanks.

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#SAF0001 MK4


***The original Fuel cap needs to have rubber gasket cut down*** please look at the picture.

To fit this SAF0001 filter to your Safari tank you need to:

Replaced with the original Safari fuel cap or use a Acerbis “locking” fuel cap from your local motorcycle shop.

OR the original rubber gasket can be replaced with an O-ring Because the original Safari fuel cap gasket will not let a filter fit.

We recommend you use a locking acerbis fuel cap which will fit this SAF0001 filter. with no modification at all, which is the best fuel cap to use with this filter.

OR… use a Acerbis “standard fuel cap” with the ACE0001 filter that can be found in the Acerbis fuel cap page.

Weight 45 g
Dimensions 100 × 70 × 16 mm