KTM690 2008 to 2019

must be fitted under a after market fuel cap adaptor that has the screw on fuel cap.

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KTM 690 ALL YEARS until 2020 because after 2019 the hole changed in the tank. so make it the same as the husky 701 (so it Will NOT fit the Huski 701 as well) (we are working and testing a prototype for the 2020 KTM690 and the husky 701 right now!)

This KTM0002  filter is needs to be fitted under the adaptor as can be seen in the photos above.
Designed to fit UNDER the FUEL CAP ADAPTOR which must be purchased separately from another seller. (the adaptors with the screw on fuel cap)
These fuel cap adaptors are the type that give your bike a small screw on acerbis fuel cap.
“This filter lives UNDER the Adaptor” so you can use any brand adaptor.
We do not sell this adaptor because international postage is to expensive from Australia, due to the size of the adaptor.


This filter is a fantastic option for the KTM690 and has been a great seller all over the world.

New filter now made for 2019 to 2021 model or a husky, the new prototype works great and will be online very soon.

If you can’t wait let us know (sales@profill-australia.com)

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Weight 40 g
Dimensions 100 × 70 × 15 mm