HUS03 pump filter

replacement for our ever popular HUS01

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Due to a increased sales and slower than expected shipping times for our materials, we are out of stock and can’t manufacture more until March 2021.

we know that being out of stock is a real pain!  so are working on a temporary replacement for this filter, it will be the same filter but 5% to 6% narrower (we have stock to make about 200 of this slightly smaller version) and will be taking photos and amending this page in the coming days.


KTM 690

Huski 701

Our ALL NEW 2018 updated HUS03 filter is bigger, better, has a longer service life and now has the ability to hold the weight of the pump motor with no rubbing on the bottom, compared to our original and very popular HUS01 filter.

The filter has 25.3cm2 of filtration area compared to 12.6cm2 of the original OEM filter!

Also it is still using our proven quilted thick filtration medium, with every attention to detail to make the best filter possible and yet still be 20mm wide and able to post anywhere in the world for just $3.50

These pump filters have helped bikes get going again, get bikes home and back from RTW trips, or just to give peace of mind as a very popular upgrade during routine servicing.


If you need a filter for the smaller Huski/KTM 250 300 350 450 500 which have a different pump design, that filter is called the HUS04 pump filter and can be found on this website (this filter has higher postage costs due to the filter being wider)


Additional information

Weight 45 g
Dimensions 100 × 70 × 19 mm