Q&A 2019

More info in this Q&A section added soon.

How long does the filter last?.

So far, inhouse testing has been carried out for as long as 24 months continuously with no problems. And real life examples have been personal inspected by us 42+ months old. (but by that stage REALLY need replacing.)

Does it filter out water?

No, not really/maybe/yes… ok lest just say no.

If after filling with fuel, you think you have some water, just remove filter from bike and shake the filter towards the ground so that the water can be flung out of the filter mesh, However the filter will initially stop water and it will rest on the bottom of the filter, But due to the nature of motorbike riding (bumps/jumps/vibration) the water will be dislodged and fall in to tank.

Can I wash it out?

Yes, the filter and its inner lining can be removed and washed under a running tap, with a application of dish washing detergent on to cloth. (All depending on the amount of dirt/debris getting filtered) The filter can be washed when needed, but if you think that the filter is not working like it used to, please buy another!

What fuel is compatible?

The cloth is made out of the same stuff as most fuel tanks, so there is no problems like that. With our testing we have covered ULP-PULP-Diesel-Race fuels BP100 etc…

Will you make up a prototype for my bike?

Yes.   We make up prototypes all the time. Just ask profillaustralia@yahoo.com (is the best email at the moment) until sales@profillaustralia.com is fixed.

and be willing to measure up your fuel tank and cap.

Photos helps us a lot too.

We have made filters for cars, boats, aeroplanes, custom tanks, military vehicles, through to making filters for beer!