About: Profill Fuel Filters.

History of the ProFill Fuel Filter

The ProFill Fuel Filter was invented by Scott Midson and this story begins with his own bike a Suzuki DRZ400E 2004 fully converted to a Super-motard which was ridden on road everyday to work, he was hit with having to clean out the fuel tank and carburetor 4 times in the first year.  Followed by 11 pre-emptive fuel tank cleans over the next 1.5 years just to keep it going correctly.  From this experience with a new 100% ON-ROAD bike, using nothing but pump fuel in a plastic fuel tank. He was determined to fix the problem once and for all… So he initially researched different filter cloths, fibers, fabrics, mesh and arrived at a single thick layer of hot fused filter fabric, that allowed high flow, yet still filtered out the super small sand, dust, rust, insects and dirt particles in dirty fuel, but still flow Sufficient fuel to fill a tank with only gravity.

ProFill-Australia’s aim is to take Scotts original idea and bring a high quality, hand made product that might just meet a need of some discerning motorcycle riders around the world.

Photo of our very popular MK3 filter.
if you think we should run with the blue colour again? let us know!

Where are we?

We are located in city of Launceston, on the island of Tasmania, bellow Australia!
This is a motorcycle paradise for both on and off road, with mountains, rivers, rain forest, sand dunes, and VERY twisty main road for motorcycles.

Jan 2024