Welcome to Profill Australia. It’s 2020 and a new website is getting built! So please stick with us during the change over.

Notice 11 May 2020

Due to a new notice from the Australian postal system.

All international airmail will have a delay of departing from australia for the next 2 – 3 weeks due to lack of international airfreights.

(there are some flights but not enough for the quantity of airmail leaving the country… causing a bottle neck)

We will update this notice as soon as there is more news regarding shipping dates.

But for local sales all domestic Australian postal services are still operating.

25% SALE on NOW!

During this trying time of the Coronavirus world wide shut down, we are still manufacturing and not effected (at the moment)
To help people at this time we are offering our first ever storewide discount sale!
We are offering 25% off all filters for the month of April/May 2020
Update 3rd/May/2020
Take this Coronavirus shut down (where you can’t go riding) as time to get a filter from us!
And during this 4 / 8 week world wide chaos the filter should arrive to you before we are all allowed to go riding!
Normally postage times are 8 to 14 days for the “world” but during the chaos there could be delays in your own customs/postal system in getting to your door.  (during the month of March/April there has been delays of up to 2 to 3 weeks.)
So PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! don’t take this great offer, if you are going to get stressed with a delay in the postage. OK? 🙂
Don’t buy from us if you are just going to ask “its been 8 days, were is my filter?” ” or even if it gets to 25-30 days (thats how bad the worlds postal system is at the moment)
There will be slow postage, also remember that your own postal system could be shut down, your customs/airports might be closed and have a large backlog in your own postal system, etc. If you are understanding this, then please help us and grab a filter during this trying time, we really appreciate it so much!

ProFill-Australia manufactures fuel ‘pre filters’ or (“filter sock’s” as many people call them!) and our expanding range of fuel pump filters, that are shipped anywhere in the wolrd directly to your door, most filters have a $3.50 postage option for anywhere in the world.
Its been 14 years, and we still make, design and test new filters totally in-house on the small (but beautiful) island of Tasmania, Australia, then ship around the world via Airmail right to your front door.
Profill-Australia is a Australia owned business that first produced the Profill Filter in 2006, and we strive to outdo our competition by constantly improving the product, always willing to make a prototype for anyone who asks, striving to have the largest fitment range of filters, offering open honest and personal communication with each and every sale.
The one down side of our little island of Tasmania is that we do not have access to every bike brand or model bike, but with some photos and measurements and a few emails a working prototype can be built and sent out for testing on your own bike, feel free to ask us.
Our current successfull arrival rate of filters is still over 99.6% (with 0.04% either getting lost, stolen or crushed in the postal system) but please know that each and every missing filter is replaced by resending another filter ASAP.
We want you to have the peace of mind of knowing that we are real people, making a real product that really works.
From all the team here.
ProFill Australia.
​March 2020

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bellow is our 2020 product range of pre filters. Most have been upgrades to MK5 and others will remain at MK4. New filters will be added in the coming days.


Just a quick note about the shipping:

We ship out all pre filters with standard airmail, because our filters fit so well in to a envelope and this service gets direct to your door for $3.50 but the downside is that there is no tracking. 

If you want to have tracking we will gladly work out the shipping cost based on your location. the expected cost for a single filter, being shipped in a box with tracking is approximately $22 – $36 extra in cost. (because the cost of tracking from Australia is very expensive)