Welcome to the Profill fuel filter 2018 website!

Manufacture of the fuel pre filters or (“filter sock’s” as many people call them!) and a

limited range of fuel pump filters.

Profill-Australia is a family owned business that first produced the Profill Filter in 2006 and Since having had our core product range copied by European companies and mass produced in China, we have strived to outdo our new competition by constantly improving our product, always willing to make a prototype for people who ask, striving to have the largest fitment range of filters, offering open, honest and personal communication with each and every sale.

We still continue to make, design and test new filters totally in-house in our production facility in Australia, then ship around the world via Airmail right to your front door.

The one down side of our little island of Tasmania is that we do not have access to every bike brand or model bike, but with some photos and measurements and a few emails a working prototype can be built and sent out for testing on your own bike, feel free to ask us if we can do a bike that is not on our list.

Our current filter arrival rate (the % of filters that make it to the buyer) is still over 99.7% (with 0.03% either getting lost, stolen or crushed in the postal system) but please know that each and every missing filter is resent ASAP.

We want you to have the peace of mind of knowing that we are real people, making a real product that really works for real riders.

from all the team here at profill australia


FAST SHIPPING!  All filters will ship within 24 hours. unless your payment falls on a weekend or holidays.

Filter will be sent from Australia. 

Delivery Time: Normally, It Takes About 7-10 Business Days for Arrival for most Countries.

6-8 days to Asia.

7-10 days to USA/ Canada.

9-10 days to major cities in Europe.

10 days - 4 weeks to Italy, Brazil, Spain. (due to very strict and slow customs)

International shipping:  We are proud to ship WORLDWIDE FOR $3.00 AUD (pre filters) and we will dispatch the same day provided the order falls on a week day.

We strive not to rip people off with stupidly high freight costs and only charge what it costs for packing and postage.

we understand that you are wanting to buy a filter, not over priced postage!

NOTE: New regulations have changed the customs declaration rules on small airmail shipments, meaning that no customs should be due on the items we ship.

You should contact your local customs agency or post office to inquire about your own country's import duty or tax if you have questions of your own countries import duties.

Service Guarantee!  We will give you FAST FRIENDLY service. Your filter will be well packaged every time. No Question is to strange! If you have any questions, Please contact via email  contact

Payment options: We accept paypal, Mastercard, Visa. Bank account via (paypal)
NOTE: Australian residents have 10% sales tax already included in the purchase, with invoice supplied.

Key points

1. Stops insects / Hair / sand / rust flakes / dust / dirt etc... 
from entering your fuel tank in the first place.

2. Increases the service life of your fuel system.

3. Less down time with fuel system cleaning.

4. Cleaner tank = better running.

5. removable, cleanable, washable, reusable.

6. you get to see what is filtered out when it's put in.

KTM0004  For the new SX KTM and Huski bikes with the screw in fuel caps

ATV01 pump filter for Suzuki

KingQuad 450 500 700 750

NEW STD0002 for the Suzuki KingQuad ATV

ACE0002 for the Acerbis fuel tanks that have the MDR fuel system bolted on top of the tank.

ATV0008 for the Kawasaki ATV bikes

KTM0001 for the KTM and Huski bikes with the 1/4 turn fuel caps. from 2006 to 2016

A Small Example of what we make

Custom made filter for a ultralight in the UK.

Normal order Before boxing and shipping to store.

Small order going to Mexico

HUS05 Prototype.

Coming soon.

Prototype Custom made filter with no venting for the ACE0002 MDR filter mount on Acerbis tanks

Prototype Custom made filter with no venting for the ACE0002 MDR filter mount on Acerbis tanks