**Our new website is Under construction**

**Everything now works but nothing is polished yet!**

Welcome to the Profill fuel filter 2018 New website

ProFill-Australia manufacture fuel 'pre filters' or (“filter sock’s” as many people call them!) and a

expanding range of fuel pump filters.

Profill-Australia is a family owned business that first produced the Profill Filter in 2006 and Since having had our core idea copied by European companies and mass produced in China, we have strived to outdo our new competition by constantly improving the product, always willing to make a prototype for people who ask, striving to have the largest fitment range of filters, offering open honest and personal communication with each and every sale.


After 12 years we still make, design and test new filters totally in-house in our production facility in Tasmania Australia, then ship around the world via Airmail right to your front door.

The one down side of our little island of Tasmania is that we do not have access to every bike brand or model bike, but with some photos and measurements and a few emails a working prototype can be built and sent out for testing on your own bike, feel free to ask us if we can do a bike that is not on our list.

Our current filter arrival rate (the % of filters that make it to the buyer) is still over 99.7% (with 0.03% either getting lost, stolen or crushed in the postal system) but please know that each and every missing filter is resent ASAP.

We want you to have the peace of mind of knowing that we are real people, making a real product that really works for real riders.

Please have a great ride, keep it rubber side down!

from all the team here at profill australia